October 21, 2018

Take a minute to know what motivates you and understand how it designs your management style or your long-term entrepreneurial ambition?

With only a few things to pick from.

(A) Fear

(B) Competitiveness

(C) Purpose

(D) Wealth

Comment HONESTLY on which one you are and why.

Fear (A) 😱 Anything that comes out of fear is not sustainable, eventually the regret of not taking advantage of your business opportunities and ideas or demanding your worth from your employer will set in after th...

July 11, 2018

Some entrepreneurs don't know that they are actually holding up this sign that says "Do not invest in my idea" 😮

So here are 5 tips to avoid:

[DISCLAIMER⛔] This is staight talk so sensitive entrepreneurs should avoid reading 😥

(1) Be prepared to support any claims💪🏽💪🏽:

Wild claims and crazy guarantees about your business and ridiculous financial projections in your pitch makes you look like Bernie Madoff, plus the experts see right through it. Cut it out! .

(2) Be passionate ab...

September 19, 2017

1. No Strategic Business Plan

2. Bad Team or lack of needed expertise

3. No Market for Product or Service 

    (aka Bad Idea)

4. Poor Financial Management

5. Premature rush to Grow 

June 10, 2017

Too often we see the stories of successful stars end the same way, it starts with the underdog that surpasses the expectation of their talent and then they become instant millionaires or highly paid executives.

Unfortunately, far too many times we see these great stories end in financial ruin and we are left scratching our heads asking how could someone make $100M and spend it all. Everyone was recently surprised by the leaked emails of Johnny Depp, showing his dire financial situat...

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