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What Motivates You?

Take a minute to know what motivates you and understand how it designs your management style or your long-term entrepreneurial ambition?

With only a few things to pick from.

(A) Fear

(B) Competitiveness

(C) Purpose

(D) Wealth

Comment HONESTLY on which one you are and why.

Fear (A) 😱 Anything that comes out of fear is not sustainable, eventually the regret of not taking advantage of your business opportunities and ideas or demanding your worth from your employer will set in after the fear wears off.

The regret phase after your fear is gone can be disastrous if the opportunity no longer exists, hopefully you are not 85 years old when this happens.

Competitiveness (B) 😠 This is a great fuel if your direction is right, it will re-energize you when you are low and when you cannot garner support for your idea or proposal, but know that competitiveness can also become a sports car that slams you into a brick wall if you are careless or become too focused on the short wins versus long term success.

Compete wisely with strategic plans and attainable goals.

Purpose (C) 😊 This is the smooth sailing element in business organizations and entrepreneurship, it keeps management and founders focused and they can't be easily distracted.

On the downside, it can sometimes make it hard for them to realize that they are executing wrong because the small emotional wins become satisfying for them but on the upside, purpose helps in the long-term pursuit of happiness.

Wealth (D) 💰 This may be the most deceptive element in motivation, but it is also the Genie that can give you unlimited material wishes, be careful as it can make you change course prematurely before you become profitable or successful even-though a few more yards and patience could reward you with your biggest returns.

Also note that wealth can create its own set of problems that may not get you closer to your goal in the pursuit of happiness.

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