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The most important member of your entourage!

Too often we see the stories of successful stars end the same way, it starts with the underdog that surpasses the expectation of their talent and then they become instant millionaires or highly paid executives.

Unfortunately, far too many times we see these great stories end in financial ruin and we are left scratching our heads asking how could someone make $100M and spend it all. Everyone was recently surprised by the leaked emails of Johnny Depp, showing his dire financial situation eventhough he earns at least $20M per movie. Emails reveal Johnny Depp's business manager warned him about outrageous spending habits

And the list of names goes on and on......

Mike Tyson

Michael Vick

Curt Schilling

MC Hammer

Meat Loaf

Marvin Gaye

Toni Braxton

Gary Coleman

Nicolas Cage

The answer is simple: They never had a "NO MAN" in their entourage. So who is the No Man, he is the antidote of a Yes Man. I will explain who he/she is, what his/her role should be along with the importance of his/her presence.

Yes, I know it's nice to bring your childhood friends on for the ride when you become successful but who among them can tell you that buying three Rolls-Royces could be a bad idea?

Yes, I know your uncle came to all your baseball games but does that mean you should buy him everything you buy for yourself like houses and jewelry?

Yes, I know your mom was there for you all the way but should you invest in her 5th business idea when the prior four failed miserably?

Yes, I know the email from the African chief that just needs your bank account number so he can transfer his fortune and you get a portion sounds very tempting but how silly could you be?

Yes, I know some dummy told you YOLO and you can pay your federal taxes later but didn't you hear that Karma and the IRS are the two sure things that will eventually get you in life?

Okay..Okay....You get the idea.

This is the point where you intentionally add a "no-man" to your crew or entourage. Yes, I know you don't want that nerdy accountant telling you that vodka is bad for your health when you go to the bar or that you should only leave a 12% tip for that waitress that you have a crush on or that smoking weed could damage your brain.

Well then, find that friend that always tells you the painful truth about your bad decisions and let him be part of your crew, make sure he goes everywhere you go with your "yes-men" since you already know they are the ones that will always agree with your dumbest ideas. You have to consciously and intentionally add this "no-man" to your team to begin your defense from the "yes-men" that you will naturally inherit and be surrounded by.

If you don't want to pay too much for that extra first class seat for the "no-man" to fly with you and your entourage to Cancun, then you can also call me.

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